"Illumination" lyrics - ROLLINS BAND


I walked green miles of jungle
I walked through yellow miles of pain
I crossed starvation's desert
Watched dead river swell with rain
The song of insects filled the air
Nights in cities of despair
Where killer's sons said, son beware
And all the roads from here to there
I sailed the sea of desolation
Dropped my anchor there
Plumbed the depths of isolation
Walked its length and was not scared
Went from end to end to end
And from there I went again
The road that only this one knows
Off to nowhere here I go
Illumination comes so hard
Makes me see but it leaves its scars
At times I wish that I didn't know what I know now
Thought and thought until I lost my mind
Looked and looked until I went near blind
The path is fair but so unkind
At night the highway's diesel roar
Speaks to me and tells me more
Than any book I've ever read
Or anything you ever said
With silent eyes inside
I watch myself and worlds collide
The seasons burn and crack my skin
I stay outside and live within