"What Have I Got" lyrics - ROLLINS BAND

"What Have I Got"

I've got a wantless need
I've got a thoughtless mind
I've got a needless want
I can't unwind

I've got a heart that aches
I've got hands that like to break
They tell me to hold on
They never let me go

I am a clenched fist
Looking for a wall to kiss
I am a looked door looking
For a foot to kick me to the floor

What have I got I've got everything
What have I got nothing much at all

Self rejected well protected
Too looked up inside myself to over get free
Frustrated self hatred my hands turn to fists
Violence so hard to resist

I get so mad
I do things that I regret
So stupid but not stupid enough
To ever forget

Got no name got no brain
It's alright I feel no pain
I've got music pounding in my head
Stop looking start looking
You better look out
I'm not feeling too nice today
Can't be late can't relate
Don't take my time
Don't give me your hate
I've got enough of my own

I can't stop
I can't start
It holds me together
While it tears me apart