"If This Isn't Love" lyrics - ROSEMARY CLOONEY

"If This Isn't Love"

A secret, a secret, I've got a little secret
A secret, a secret, a secret kind of secret
I'm achin' forward to shout it to every daffodil
And tell the world about it, in fact I think I will

If this isn't love, the whole world is crazy
If this isn't love, I'm daft as a daisy
With moons all around and cows jumpin' over
There's somethin' amiss, and I'll eat my hat if this isn't love

I'm feelin' like the apple on top of William Tell
With this I cannot grapple because
Because you're so adorable

If this isn't love, then winter is summer
If this isn't love, my heart needs a plumber
I'm swingin' on stars, I'm ridin' on rainbows
I'm bustin' with bliss and I'll kiss your hand if this isn't love

If she's not the girl and I'm not the hero
The show is got amiss get your money back
If this isn't love

A secret, a secret, I've had a little secret
But it's a secret no more