"I'm Evil" lyrics - ROY BUCHANAN

"I'm Evil"

Well, if you're looking for trouble
You dun' come to the right place
If you're looking for trouble
Look me right in the face

I was born standing up
And talking back
My daddy was a mean-eyed lumberjack

Yeah, I'm evil
Yeah, just as evil as I can be
I can even tell the hoodoo child
Yeah, exactly how it's gonna be

Honey, you better tell your husband
To quit sneakin' and peekin' at me
If he wants to find out the man
That I'm supposed to be

I'll walk right up to him
Look him right in the face
I might even snap/snatch both of his legs out of place

Oh, I'm evil
Yeah, oh, I'm evil as can be
I can even tell a voodoo child
Yeah, just exactly how its gon' be

I'm gonna tell all you women
Just what it's all about
I can even tell you where the light went
When it went out

Woah, I'm evil
Yeah, I'm evil as can be
That means all you people
Yeah, you better not mess around with me