"Back To The Stones" lyrics - ROY HARPER

"Back To The Stones"

My name is John Thomas I come from the grave
Where promises vaporise each latest wave
Straight from the breadline with nothing to spare
For a world of high finance and no purpose, I'd just like to say I don't care
I prefer deprivation it's such a slow death
I just want to walk away, take a deep breath
Do something other than fill the same street
Nothing to live for, no way, no way to fill my heart beat

The summer will come and we will run into the sun again
The summer will come and it will be June 21 again
The summer will come... Back to the stones

The pigs came on Saturday and surrounded the road
Tore down our house and destroyed our abode
The road to the henge was blocked off by the state
600 Hitlers with prejudice, prejudice driven by hate

Brute force and justice will not change my mind
About how I think and the friends that I find
I walk with my head high and I'll never be drawn
By promise of futures I just wouldn't want to be born...