"Girlie" lyrics - ROY HARPER


Oh girlie with your brown eyes
And your long flowing hair
With the lantern shining through your lips
I slip on through my stare
With your pink glass sunken past the walls
You kiss my thistle eyes
Can't you take me in Loch Ness
Have your hair soaked in crystal skies

Oh girlie, oh girlie
Carve my name out on the elm tree sun
Among the plastered burn shaded by woven fur
Will you run my reaching fingers
All around your swimming gill
Sillouette me through the brush strokes
Of your naked whirling figure

Oh girlie, oh girlie
I am to ask you
"Can't you cast me in your spell"
And live my dream along days
Lost inside your spring shell
For my time is swiftly sliding
Down the rainbow of my youth
Won't you make me while I pittle yers
Can't tell us all the truth
Oh girlie