"Hallucinating Light" lyrics - ROY HARPER

"Hallucinating Light"

Locked in mortal combat as the future shadows loom
The guardian of my spirit fights his way across the room
To where the sick majority infest the myths of doom
But the lanterns of children hold firm in full bloom

And we'll walk a long long way
Oh, together.
Though we found ourselves that way
Long before we knew.
Ah, but you know the way its worked I feel that
When I laugh it's with your soul.
And when I cry...It's you

I ride inside the purple dawn collecting golden dew
That falls from citidels of dreams I shake whilst flying through
Creation's key seems just in reach, ah but then its overdue
But as darkness surrounds us I'm reaching for you.

Far across the universe the goblins of the night
Sometimes corner sunrise and keep it out of sight
And wandering the crossing minds, hallucinating light
Is the dream that I have of you holding me tight.