"Heart Of The City" lyrics - ROYAL HUNT

"Heart Of The City"

Can't see no changes, I wanna be free,
I'm a bird on a wire
My blood is boilin' it's burnin' in me,
Overkill by fire

Sun goes down and full moon rising,
Chasin' evil shadows in town

Just like a junkie, I can't see a thing,
Feelin' the chill that surrounds me

I can't get out cos I'm trapped in the ring,
Something's comin' to haunt me

Set me free - don't even try to put a chain on me,
Page was a turn - you're gonna learn,
Right in the heart of the city

Another kid from downtown - you see,
Born to live in the sorrow
I owe you nothing and that's how it is gonna be,
By the morning - it's over