"Cold Joint" lyrics - ROYAL TRUX

"Cold Joint"

Your meat's gone bad, but you serve it cold
Waitress got her pants on the donkey
But tiger told her to get tighter
Maybe you should smoke cigar,
Then you could fill up a room

When I was a kid my hobby was killing flies
Wearing pearls and rabbit ears,
I carried a plastic gun
Now it's passed lo, these many years
And you can't take step one

I've been hiding out in houses that have never been seen
I've been coming back from places where you've never been

Yellow kid, he's a big thing
Walking sound and strutting stink
Out walking and I wouldn't stop
With the long gong rich to thank
Gonna dump the supply on the bald lips and blanks
Sucking chum and a bummin' change
Wiping cream on his mange

The axe fell from the big desk, and I was double parked
Outside of juvenile court, and you were trapped inside
You like to have someone tell you what to do
Whether you do it or not.