"Don't Try Too Hard" lyrics - ROYAL TRUX

"Don't Try Too Hard"

Coming apart, and coming away
Some mistakes were made then, and some were made today
The union didn't stand together, and the reunion choked
Slick fingers were pink and smooth, but his were all broke

1*34 Don't try too hard
1*34 Don't try too hard

First they said he had a lifetime guarantee
No one could take it but no one transmission lies under the poison eye
Like an avalanche of soundbound mules
Their guts sewn up with dissolving rubber bands
And this is how it stands

What were once suspicions now confirmed
But the smoke rose up and he couldn't mark the place
He has to feel he's closing in on something
But then the body overtakes the face

Mary Jane the pain couldn't stand in her new high heels
Coconut milk pimp got cut, no he knows how it feels

1*34 Don't try too hard
1*34 Don't try too hard

Throwin' stuff off of the overpass
He spotted a fruit truck's tarp being set up for him to make the drop
Traded his quarters for a spanish orange
Caught a ride on a liquid nitrogen truck that stopped
Can't stay around to nail it down
Til a switch gets thrown in the atmosphere of the nested echo branch that
Can't be done
'Til they can shine it on

Hard you hit the question, fast it reappears
Put up and shut it up cheap its only skin
Tryin' hard, tryin' stupid
But you'd never discover what kind of jam you're in