"Gett Off" lyrics - ROYAL TRUX

"Gett Off"

Get off the universal flow.
Get off on the heat that does grow.
It's too late to heal
To really know.
Just now I go
So get off now
When now the snakes
Up my leg squeeze.

Get off my new name shot
Get off over there, you fool
Prey for Godzilla
And pray for him too.
Get off & search
And watch the big thighs work.
Liberty in an empire freeze-out
Sister with her ass all greased out.
Really are we now
All at a positive hive?
Take the abscess & squeeze out
Drink the mojo-juice of lives.
Of all these make me free
Make me free.

Get off my train of thought.
Thanks a lot now go.
Before the rockin' robin blows
Get off the universal flow.
When the last small smile shows
Sparks & a wail for more
Liberty's what we are
Steady rollin' not known to hide
Left hand gets off untied
Left hand is not tied