"(Have You Met) Horror James" lyrics - ROYAL TRUX

"(Have You Met) Horror James"

All the painted and second rate jocks
Ninety-five degrees of grey sky
Hanging over the boardwalk

Robot nymphs spraying medium smoke
Dip slender metal legs in an ammonia brook
Everyone can come to the seaboard slaves states
Everyone here gets stamped
With an expiration date

My momma said go find something to do
I'm out in the sun but there ain't nothing new
Running over the grass with a couple of jerks
Have you met Horror James?

Some people like him got a problem I guess
He's a crazy old man and I'm supposed to stay away
How can I convince my cousins
They're afraid to say yes
He's got the goods and that's all I can say

He's got animal bones and antique toys
Some electronic junk
That can make a lot of noise
We'll get in trouble if we stay out past dark
This is so much better than the amusement park