"Lights On The Levee" lyrics - ROYAL TRUX

"Lights On The Levee"

There's not too many locals in the place where I'm working
A poison jams love but they hold onto pretension
They don't wanna go home

Ivory girl spent some time walking the levee
I saw her there cos that is where I'm usually lookin'
They wanna keep dry

When I look around, nothing's coming down
When's the flood gonna take me out
Could be to today, who cares anyway
We got all the world to run

Lucy Mae Maximus baby, you wanna invade me
But Jesus told me nothin' piss him off
Like those who misquote him
He wants to get straight

Some kids got excited and rode their bikes on the levee
When the lights went out, I knew that they had drowned
In the valley
The river don't care

No one to guard the row
Everyone stays alone
He just fell out backwards from the overflow
When I look around, nothing's coming down
When will the water wash me out