"Microwave Made" lyrics - ROYAL TRUX

"Microwave Made"

She's got juice ripe and ready
Soaking her sleeve
It's good to sleep when you need an answer
Ready to receive
I wasn't looking at the mountain
When I burned my hand on the stove
I don't want to sell death short
But life is starting to take hold

We can stay for a couple days
Maybe make a few friends
If the price of time is right
We'll end up owning it again

From jackshit southern Indiana
To the Cascade Mountain range
I passed her up on the interstate
The model of her car had changed
It was old but she looked pretty in it
Turning her head to right the land
I knew we'd meet her once again
She looked like she was in command


Hanging in a ditch behind court two
With the dandelion grass and clover
Cracking back the hours slowly
To erase the longing doubts
Before the veil is closed, gonna get out
Before the veil is closed, gonna get out
Gonna get out before the veil is closed

Burnt black spraycan lay in state
I'd used it to write my name
Like a Texas lamb anticipating the clear left lane
Now I'm going to take from you the apple
And give back something more then food
But first you gotta promise you're gonna share it
Even though it feels this good