"Faces" lyrics - RUN-D.M.C.


In your face all the time
All in your face when I'm kickin' my rhyme
All these faces in front of me
Face to face with Run DMC


Knucklehead's in my face for a second
But I move the crowd and I reckon that a sucker might jump and try to fake
So kill that noise and get outta my face
And let a real MC collect dollars
The truth doin', few come from Hollis, Queens
And by all means necessary
My vocabulary is very extensive and extensive
So hard t'll put you in intensive care
A scene for caution
All them suckers get lost in the shufflin'
Just start speakin' of faces
And leaving traces of a race be marked
And the sparks fly day and night dark and light
Different types of

Faces Ahh...faces faces
Faces And everywhere you go you see
Faces yeah yeah yeah
Faces Break!

I race at a pace with no shoelaces
The race is faces, places, disgraces
Taste the taste of the racial facial
Disgraceful taste this race is facin'
Get outta my face don't base no race for time
My brother, I'm no colorblind
I walk the face of the earth
Face death
Face the facts and I'll test
Rip lip or trip and I'll test
Get out my face or we can go head up DMC
No, no, yo! You don't understand me
In this land where they always try to ban me
Type me the stereotype of a face
And that's the problem with the human race
Haste makes waste no trace of the faces
We're all the same, but with different tastes


Faces Yeah, yeah and everywhere I go I see
Faces Faces sweatin' you be sweatin'
Faces Around around the worl international faces.
Faces Yeah, now boss you up yours!

I took a look in the face of a girl
The way she looked that day...was sayin'
Somethin' 'bout the way my afro's growin'
Well is it funky? I don't care
Is she jackin' my 'fro or my fame?
Do she want me because of my name?
I like the ladies sweet and serious
Not those 'hos that plays the game
On every Tom, Dick and Harry
Shawn, Jerry, John, Nick, Curly, Moe and Larry
You thinkin' you marry? Well you're crazy?
My baby you won't carry
'Cause I like the girl that's low-key
That's always gotta be to be with me
And I'll take her to all exotic places
The name of this jam is called Faces

Faces So many faces
Faces And everywhere I go I see
Faces And everywhere you go you see
Faces International faces, I'm the afro and now...

I'm outta here