"Krush Groovin'" lyrics - RUN-D.M.C.

"Krush Groovin'"
feat. Fat Boys, Sheila E, Kurtis Blow

Krush Groovin', Body Movin' (Body Movin') [8x]

[Fat Boys]
Now we came a long way, and now we're here
The hot house rockers, crushers of fear
Three bad rockers, who gain recognition
And we are the ones, that are in position
To hang with the best, and if you don't believe
Check out the rhyme that we conceive
Let it be known, that there is no other
That can rock the house, like these three brothers
Prince Markie Dee, with Kool Rock-ski
And the Human Beat Box completes the three
We testify, and we'll last forever
Pumping and Jumping, to stand together
Taking and Breaking, Laying and Slaying
All you sucker mcs best start praying
Cause Run-DMC, Kurt, Sheila and us
We keep moving and grooving like the number 10 bus

Krush Groovin', Body Movin' (Body Movin') [4x]

Krush Groove ya, Body Move ya
We gotta prove that this groove that we use ah
This is something that we don't rehearse
DMC is second, and I rhyme first
Now this is how we run it down the line
DMC is second, I'm first to rhyme
So why don't you call me uno, and D's for dos
Because I rock parties from coast to coast
I'm known to the world as chilly most
MC of the party and I'm the host
And I'm the one and only, the only one
And he goes by the name of DJ Run
You see they call me Run, but I never ran
In a B-Boy stance is how I stand
And Darryl Mac has cold got my back
This is funky fresh stuff, it's not an act
I'll pass it to D, I'll pass it back
That's the way it is, cause it's like that

Krush Groovin', Body Movin' (Body Movin') [4x]

[Sheila E]
I'm Sheila E and I want to say
that I'm a super high powered, cold-krushin' lady
and I'm here to talk about this thing called rap
to all the party people at the party that's packed
and you know that I'm precious, could never be lesser
Sheila E rocks the best under pressure
To all of you hip-hop be-bop fans
get out of your seats and just clap you hands
get down, don't clown to the funky sound
cause the beat is dropping all over the town
Kurtis Blow, you could never be weak
get on the mic and let me hear you speak

[Kurtis Blow]
Yes, yes y'all, ah yes, yes y'all
I'm Kurtis Blow and I'm the king and I'm the best y'all
And I'll tell you why, cause I'm fresh y'all
From the north, the south, east and west y'all
Now, I've rocked house parties in the B-Boy stance
and never, ever gave a sucker mc a chance
'cause I'm a rhyme creator, crime motivator
I'm chillin' on you now, but I can serve you later
Check out my crew that can never be beat
Ah Kurtis Blow, Sheila E and Run-DMC
and to the Fat Boys, and now you're down by law
Down with the best now let's even the score
Now just throw your hands in the air
And wave them like you just don't care
And if you want to bust a move like the Krush Groove
Somebody say "Oh Yeah" (Oh Yeah)
And you don't stop, that Krush Groove rock until it hit the top
Somebody Scream!

Krush Groovin', Body Movin' (Body Movin') [7x]