"The Moon And The Sky" lyrics - SADE

"The Moon And The Sky"

I was the one
I who could, pull in all the star above
Lay them on your feet, and I gave you my love

You are the one who got me started
You could have let me love anyone but I only wanted you
So why did he make me cry
Why didn't you come get me one last time

You'll always know
The reason why
We could have had the moon and the sky
You'll always know
The reason why this love, reason why this love
Ain't gon' let you go

You let me down
Left me for alliance
A long long time ago
You left me there dying
But you'll never let me go


You'll always know the reason.. Why
The song you heard, will stay on your mind
It ain't gon' let you go.. No..
Cuz you have removed the (????)in the sky

Ain't gon' let you go...
You have the keys to car...
You have every star...
Everyone of them twinkling...
Thinkin 'bout what you thinkin'...