"Just Friends (Empty Love)" lyrics - SAINT VITUS

"Just Friends (Empty Love)"

I don't want your empty love
Just leave me alone
I have done OK so far
Living on my own
You said you could give me shelter
Underneath your wing
But all I ever got from you
Was hate and misery

You don't want
To be
Just friends

Thought that I could always be there
Everytime you call
Now you seem surprised to find
That I'm not there at all
Oh you loved the way you had me
Pressed beneath your thumb
Now I am the one who's laughing
My new life's begun

My new life is getting stronger
Since you've gone away
Survival is the only thing
That I care for today
You showed me the beautiful
And ugly sides of love
Now I am to roam the earth
Bitching what you've done