"Someone Who Loves Me" lyrics - SARA BAREILLES

"Someone Who Loves Me"

Could I rest here for a while
Near that medal 'round your neck?
St. Jude's wearin' a smile
He wouldn't mind, I bet
I can't go face the world
My bones won't hold me up

So, tell the saint of lost souls where to find me
Softly sleepin', here in the deep end
Of someone who loves me

You let me cry it out
'Cause you know that sometimes I can't stop
And still, I'm seeking out
To stand up when the bottom drops
The weight of all the world
Can blind me to its beauty

But every time I need to be reminded
I know you will, and say you're still
Someone who loves me

I try to push it down, but it comes back
Faster and harder
Tides are changin' on a dime and I'm just tryin'
To keep my head above the water

Surrender's just a word 'til you try it out
And see how hard it is to hurt with someone else around
I'm the worst I've ever been, afraid of almost everything
The skies are clear, but storms are always comin'

Your gift to me is just to be
Bracing for the winds I always summon
My home, my heart, thank God you are
Someone who loves me