"An Occasional Man" lyrics - SARAH VAUGHAN

"An Occasional Man"

I've got an island in the Pacific,
And everything about it is terrific;
I've got the sun to tan me,
Palms to fan me,
And - an occasional man!

I've got an island, it's very lazy,
If I should ever leave it I'd be crazy!
I've got papayas, peaches,
Sandy beaches,
And - an occasional man!

When I go swimmin',
I am always dressed in style,
'Cause I go swimmin'
Wearin' just a great big smile!

My little island was made for pleasure,
And in the cool of evening it's a treasure;
And when the hour grows later,
What is greater
Than - an occasional man!

If you're on shore leave
And your face is kinda cute,
Perhaps, by your leave,
I can be you passion fruit!

My little island is such a beauty.
You may gorget to heed the call of duty;
But if you give the slip
To your ship,
Miss your trip,
Take a tip
And blame -
An occasional dame!