"Prelude To Fear" lyrics - SAUSAGE

"Prelude To Fear"

Possibilities; unaware, self-appointed by standard of complete innocence.
Midday, aerobic jog, through streets not well lit by lamplight.
Prelude to Fear.

Perhaps; Picnic, setting of complete relaxation.
The sound, persists. The site, exists.
Disarray. Prelude to Fear.
Prelude to Fear.

But hey, fumble, growth of conciousness.
Focusing, slow but steady, weirdness creeps.
Prelude to Fear.

Parallel, retrospective, deep sense of curiosity.
Retribution. React! Evaluate. React!
Caution. Prelude to Fear.

Physical sensation, the chill. The possibility of mobility.
Abstract, sensation, waiting for the words.
This is only a test. This is only a test.