"Leavin' Again" lyrics - SAVOY BROWN

"Leavin' Again"
(Peverett, Simmonds)

See you later alligator
I'm leavin' again, long way to go
It's a sad sad feelin' already know
The ticket's bought and the contract's signed
It's too late to change my mind

I'm leavin' again, help me pack my case
I'll be a long long time in another place
I'm working for something and it ain't no lie
It could have taken a lifetime to buy

I'm leavin' again when the night has gone
So let's make love while the time, time rolls on
And time rolls on to another day
And this time tomorrow I'll be gone and so far away
I'm leavin', leavin'

[Musical break]

I'm leavin' when the night, when the night has gone
When the night fades to dawn
When the time rolls on, when the time rolls on
Rolls on to another day

This time tomorrow I'll be so so so far away
I'm leavin', yes I'm
I'm gone now many miles away
Oh I'm leavin'