"Drunken Irish Dad" lyrics - SETH MACFARLANE

"Drunken Irish Dad"

Oh, he doesn't smell like Irish Spring
And he never taught me anything
But still I slap my chest and sing
Of my drunken Irish dad

Oh, his face looks like a railroad map
And he never shuts his freakin' trap

But all the ladies catch the clap
From your drunken Irish dad

Ask a Hennessey, Tennessey, Morrison, Shaughnessy, Riordan, and Rooney
They'll tell you the same
McNulty, Mulroney, and Carter and Clooney
All feel the same mixture of pride and of shame

Finnegan, Hannigan, Kelly, and Flanagan
Look to the ground when their dad passes by
Cafferty, Rafferty, Joyce and O'Lafferty
Fight for his honor and then start to cry

Oh, we Irish lads are all infirm
And our moods infect us like a germ
'Cause we're all the spawn of a pickled sperm

Mickey: And we don't tan well either

From a drunken Irish dad