"Make This A Slow Goodbye" lyrics - SETH MACFARLANE

"Make This A Slow Goodbye"
(Farlan I. Myers / Farlan Myers / Jack Sher)

So make this a slow goodbye
Believe for the moment, that it's just you and I
Tell me you miss me, oh whisper that lie
But make this a slow goodbye

We met on a soft July
From then until now, just a girl and a guy
Loving each other, oh why did it die?
We'll make this a slow goodbye
Never thought I'd fall so fast
Just holding you in my arms
Never dreamed this couldn't last
But it's lost, like a lucky charm

So promise me you won't cry
The nights will be endless, but can't we pretend?
After such rapture, this won't be the end
Let's make this a good goodbye
Please make this a slow goodbye