"Deadworld" lyrics - SHADOWS FALL

(Brian Fair / Shadows Fall)

Drowning yourself in a world of lies
Wandering lost, until the ego dies
Perceptions been tainted by your lack of free will
We have become what we once most feared

The brilliance of the light's been dulled to grey
Denying our souls of the most noble truths
Trapped within and blined by youth

We must end this wicked game
Mourning a dead world
Empty life of relentless shame
Mourning a dead world
See through what's been taught to you
Mourning a dead world
Breathe in life and seek the truth
Mourning a dead world

As progress paves the forest and paints the sky
Cities rise like caner, rive of life is dry
Spirits of ancients will then awake a rise
The seal is broken, final sign of our demise

Awake and rise
Redemption fires
Burn the lies
Redemption fires