"Love" lyrics - SHANIA TWAIN


Time goes by, I know that I'm learnin'
Love, it lies, no wonder I'm hurtin'
I can see the lies all over your face
Only hope that time can help erase

The pain, the tears that I'm cryin'
I can see in your eyes, your love is dyin'
I should've know that you lied when you said to believe
That you'd love me enough that you'd never leave

But you just turned and walked away
You left me standin' in the rain
You didn't take my love for real
Now how am I to feel

Love comes in and goes out like a season
You came in and walked out for no reason
Do you really know what love is about?
You really had me thinkin' there wasn't a doubt

That you would love me forever
You wanted me to know
That I had to love you now or never
But then you let me go