"We Are Fine" lyrics - SHARON VAN ETTEN

"We Are Fine"
feat. Zach Condon

[Verse 1: Sharon Van Etten]
Trying hard to breathe
Head between my knees
Take my hand and squeeze
Say I'm alright

[Verse 2: Sharon Van Etten]
Whisper in my ear
Happy you are here
Everything seems clear
And we're alright, we're alright

[Chorus: Sharon Van Etten and Zach Condon]
Tell me not to trip or to lose sight
You are walking in my dotted line
Take my hand and help me not to shake
Say I'm alright, I'm alright
Say I'm alright, I'm alright

[Verse 3: Zach Condon]
It's okay to feel
Everything is real
Nothing left to steal
'Cause we're alright, we're alright