"Till You Were Gone" lyrics - SHELBY LYNNE

"Till You Were Gone"
(Rory Bourke - Mike Reid)

Every day why I don't know
When I pass your house I drive real slow
It's out of my way it's crazy for sure
Cause you do not live in that house anymore

Every night right about now
I grow uneasy kind of restless somehow
It starts out like thunder on a slow steady roll
Then I hit the floor half out of control

Baby I wonder if you look the same
Do you have children what are their names
Does the one that you're with need you all night long
Like I never did until you were gone

I can recall that night at your place
The hurt in your eyes the tears on your face
Would you take comfort if now you could see
How life without you is torture for me

Baby I wonder if you look the same...