"What's Wrong Bertha?" lyrics - SHOCKING BLUE

"What's Wrong Bertha?"

Sitting on the air,
Crying in the hair, little Bertha.
Tell me what's wrong, Bertha?
Why southern suns shining, Bertha,
Crying for a man who left you.
Something's wrong,
Hope has gone.

Hurry, hurry baby, flowers on your way, little Bertha.
Why aren't you dancing, Bertha?
Never saw such a girl like Bertha,
She's crying for a man who left her.
Something's wrong,
Her hope has gone.

Waiting for a year, how I'd like for Bertha.
Won't you hear me, darling Bertha?
For thing such a strain for Bertha,
Screaming for that guy who left her.
Something's wrong,
My hope has gone.

Nothing I can't do, I'll do it for you, Bertha,
Ask me for comfort, Bertha.
For man live again, Bertha,
I'll be waiting for you.
And you know
Never let you go, Bertha.