"How Do U Dream, Little Caesar?" lyrics - SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK

"How Do U Dream, Little Caesar?"

Oh tell me Romeo... Do u Believe
This faceless love... of yours of make believe

Oh tell me Romeo
The colours of your dreams
Your mutant sexuality is nothing like it seems

A beauty so unusual
A love that's so extreme
A body built so beautiful
Gift wrapped it's so obscene

You tell me that u love me
When there's no one around
U tie me up, u pull me down
U turn me round and round

Hey little Romeo
I'll show you all your fears
Welcome to the nitemare
I've lived one thousand years

Your single crazy madness
When jealousy stirs up
Narcissus, extravagance, provocative, corrupt

How strange is your love
How cool in my world
And what a fool, I've been made of
Is this what dreams are made of

How do u dream
How do u dream
How do u dream
How do u dream