"Silk Sonic Intro" lyrics - SILK SONIC

"Silk Sonic Intro"

[Intro: Anderson.Paak]
One, two, three, four

[Verse: Bruno Mars & Anderson.Paak]
Who y'all came to see tonight?
Who gon' get the ladies feelin' somethin'? Ooh
We gon' lock this groove in tight (Yeah, uh, well, lock it in then)
Don't have us lock this groove down for nothin' (Get down)

[Bridge: Anderson.Paak]
Oh, oh
And we got what you came to see (Woo!)
Oh, oh

[Outro: Bruno Mars & Bootsy Collins]
Oh, yeah
It's about that time to get out your seats and make some noise for our host
Give it up for Bootsy Collins
Well, alright
It is I, Blaster of the Universe (Blaster of the Universe)
Bootzilla himself
Fellas, I hope you got somethin' in your cup
And ladies? Don't be afraid to make your way to the stage
For a band that I named Silk Sonic