"Life After Death" lyrics - SIXX:A.M.

"Life After Death"

So we're at the end, and at the same time
We're at the beginning of this misadventure
Why I had to go down a dead-end street at 200 miles an hour
Screaming for vengeance and embracing death
That's something I'm still trying to figure out

You know, part of me thinks this is all some big master plan
To expose the raw nerve endings of dysfunction so I can heal
But you know addicts...we think everything is about us...don't we?

Man, it got so convoluted, polluted, and distorted
I ran with the only information I was given
I turned it into my armor; my defense mechanism
And my weapon of self-destruction
Yeah, I had a fucked-up childhood and I was a troubled teen
Those are facts
How I got there? That's a story told by many voices
It's not my job to blame anybody anymore
I just need to accept the path I was given
This is, without a doubt, my life after death

Life comes after
Death comes after
Life comes after
Death comes after....