"Virgo's Daughter" lyrics - SKID ROW (GARY MOORE)

"Virgo's Daughter"
(Brendan "Brush" Shiels)

I'll tell you what are your lucky numbers,
Two, three, four and five.
I'll tell you what star you were born under,
I've checked with the sky.
I know you've thought about destiny
Long before today.
What you believed before you met me,
It's not hard to say.

Since we met, I'd like to bet,
It was written in the stars.
Now you're here, it's all so clear,
About Jupiter and Mars.
Hold out your hand,
Let me look at your palm,
So I can read the lines.
You're still pure, of that I'm sure.
Now I have learned your sign.

(Tonight is the night of the moon's eclipse.)
Tonight is the night of the moon's eclipse.
(With a little luck I get to kiss your lips.)
With a little luck I get to kiss your lips.
(Everything is lucky now.)
Everything is lucky now.
(And it's something on my rabbit's foot.)
Pins on you to my rabbit's foot.