"Kill To Cure" lyrics - SKINNY PUPPY

"Kill To Cure"

And would not and it could not 'cause it would not fade away and it could not??? justice
??? just go on??? in this way??? (skin?) off the street the doctors the psychopaths
They are articulate to government for their right to kill I've seen it you thought it
Was beneficial but it kills natural ways of looking at life insist upon respecting the
(Christ?) you've got to believe it they're there for a reason not for your own
Replicated diseases kill to cure to kill to cure to kill to cure and I walk about and
See all the youngsters believing in what they're taught to believe I wish I could say
Hey wait a minute don't go astray believe in respecting life in all it is why so we can
See everything comes back in threes respect the (signs?) killer justice and hate and
Greed I hate to believe everything they see??? (escape this eye?) no no no no no
Denying whats killing is the truth they'll always be there we take young ape cat dog
Anything mutilate their souls it reflects on our own we cannot see the short term what
It will be it will create with all our antibiotics it's just a farce a money making
Commercial pit of shit all that I ask you is that you read something about everything
That is wrong with this we can't say it??? so in a fucked up way I can't even seem to
Say what I want to say but heaven knows heaven doesn't know heaven doesn't know kill to
Cure cures that kill kill to cure and cures that kill we kill to cure with cures that
Kill this country doesnt make much sense imagine if you took your child, girlfriend,
Mother and took out and reversed every product of naturalness there's a man that takes
Pregnant dogs through chemicals to try and reverse the birth process what's more I don't
Know hate hate hate for life hate hate hate (please?) and you and me seem just as much
Animal as you are as I am as I am and I am and I am kill to cure