"Point" lyrics - SKINNY PUPPY


Yeah yeah yeah

It's there can they feel it

It's there can they see it

Yeah yeah yeah

I woke up
The love is racing
Don't get
A time to be
You're gone
Get out

Drown in
What it must believe in
What more
Unearth and see this

All the deeds
A treat what a way to be
Of next to??
Of ocean seas
Go on

Not to begin
Don't get up again
Clean up
Never clean that spill

Filtered swim
Cut their
Uncross their feet again
Suck it to suck it up again
Good night!

Feel my

You can feel me
You can feel me

Feel my

You can feel me
Keep it at your feet
Keep it up keep it up
(Feel my) Feel what you need

Unhealthy radiation on the back at the roller coaster
Going somewhere up and down
Facing left or right
What is -
Come across like it

Feel my sight