"Process" lyrics - SKINNY PUPPY


Alternative - mass control
Diversification and guilt

Jealousy prejudice
The courage to be themselves... often hated

Aims to make individual freedom
Spiritual bounds mental shackles
To heal the wound of separation
To question the unquestioning of the mind

Offers an alternative to mass control
The center of the information war

Progressed, progressed
We have progressed

Physically as far as we can go... next stage mental
The process is you

Justification decentralized by conditioned guilt
Fear responses
For individuals who wish to acquire

Sigil to the will
Give the mind before which is a function of the self to react
And this focusing releases a tremendous energy

As the concourse lowers positive flow of energy

Progressed, progressed
We have progressed

So be it
The process
So be it

Body like mindedness
Ageless souls
Striving for individual matters
Towards collective goals
A guiltless state of self awareness
The process is you
The process is yours