"Second Tooth" lyrics - SKINNY PUPPY

"Second Tooth"

(Not much need) distraught wake up in sweat something is very different no water hot or
Cold walk out in the street greet the morning gun battles needless no need to understand
In a foreign land with gun in hand killing is respected a way of showing faith in a
Country's need to exercise death penalities where were you now in the chair to burn
Twenty years ago killing red in nam who is worse when war is far away not much for
Sympathy a number count of casualties return so burned with nothing left to learn murder
Now invigorates the unwashed bloody hands kill again let the family burn do little to
Comfort anguishing no decision could ever warrant this war is just a childrens game no
Pretending dead why? dear god whom we project its useless killing children to satisfy
The arms budgets who walks right or left a child won't give a damn nations arise to
Reason the conceptions threatened for economic steps is it time to shut down and lay to
Rest the bomb that servant suicide object worshipped like a god be there now blown clear
The human race what use is there of figures the wrote wordless statistic names and
Numbers now seem out of place a paper representating life blowing down the street kill