"May 17th" lyrics - SLIPKNOT

"May 17th"

I am. I am!
The fire that makes you run
Streight away from me
Full of it you are
I don't a ever 'bout you

Run alive
Look at you!
Look at me!
All of us, together in the black whole
Black! whole!
Black! whole!
Black! whole
Black! whole!

Laugh last, you break through
Rhetoric - better look both ways
I gotta get an arm through

Get you!
In you!
Threw you!
To you!

Threw with that day when you went no where from the start!

You never gonna get it!
You never gonna get it!
You never gonna get, it!

You don't deserve it
You've never deserved it
Don't move stay back from a start


The world!
The world!
The world!

Oh yeah!