"Round & Round" lyrics - SLOWTHAI

"Round & Round"

Round & round we go, every single day
I just wanna relax, you just wanna send hate
I just wanna make P, money man like Al Green
Tell you how I feel, switch in my brain, I can't speak
Problems, we've all got issues, everyone's got their issues
Confident, I got confidence
Stinging nettle, mind for the the bristle
From young, I chew meat, Yam gristle
Bring the heat, bun face, with a griddle
Piggy in the middle, Got lashed for the cash
Put the money in the bag like rah


Slow thai, thai
Know my laugh
Double N!
Yah, ey, ey
Slow it down, down

Smile of villian give your girlfriend chills
My mansion like Uncle Phil's
Had to hit road gotta pay them bills
All for the buzz 'cause we love cheap thrills
In the club tryna holla for a deal
Fall back why you up in my grill
Like you wanna be my girl I don't swing that way
I don't work clientele
I don't work clientele

Council house, number 6
On the curb kicking ball at the garages
I lived - rarely go school times when I did
I used to shot draws
Cliche he say nothing of course
Still roll shop bun zoot bun more
Get a 3.5 sell two 1.4s
Are you happy with the score in the bookies
Ain't happy with the score
Accumulator, impact my voice is a resonator
Took the stairs need an elevator
Drug dealer, guess it's in my nature
Red stripe chilling with Angelina
Pretty tomb raider on cruise ship car
I need two sport cars with the torque
So I can't hear them talking, said they bread me
I need your portion
More than money, more than hoes
I want my own world in a Nintendo
So I can roll round with an exendo
Eliminate friends and every foe
Important, like Jeremy Corbyn
Tic Tac Toe, can't you see I'm balling
Gov, tryna tax my dough
Tell the taxman no, you can't take my fortune

Cheese, cheese
Gangdem, gangdem
Bowbow, bow, bow
That's cute, real cute (real cute)
Ow, ow
Yah yah yah (cheese)
(Double N, double N!)
Fuck the other side it's straight us
The farmers are coming
Doi doi, pouring soda, I'm mad