"Low Down Derrty Blues" lyrics - SMINO

"Low Down Derrty Blues"
(Ahmanti Booker / Christopher Smith, Jr.)

Checked in a hotel tonight
A lil' early gotta set it right
If I could, I'd settle down in yo cellulite
Fresh oil from Jamaica clean
No incense 'dem make me sneeze
Twist my wood, burn smell just like tangerine
I was just in the Bay, I got some shit
So loud it sound like a parade
I usually twist, mind my business
Not business, I really don't conversate
Hope you like masquerade
Smino Di Vinci, I'm trying to paint ya face
Okay, I play, I play, shoot up yo shit like it's GTA
I got spotlight, hot light, pointin' right on a mic
Hang you up on a dick, you the best ornament
Pussy tournament, undefeated bitch
Yep, I'm proud of it, run around a bit
Hit the Dougie in the pussy like Rico
Ducked back, twist out, two weeks old
Same pack QP on my P's and Q's
Thank God, could'a been on the evening news
The bass line so low down dirty blues

Dat be me
Dat be me (Low down dirty blues)
Dat be me

Dat be me when she in da Gucci
Lookin' absolutely like a two-piece dipped in lemon juice
They sour salty, ooh
Lookin' like we the shit, cleaner than vegan shit
Honey, I'm buzzin', I be too lit
Don't mean to take nun' away from you
That be me, diggin' deep all in yo' dignity
That be me, liftin' yo' energy
Liftin' you up on the wall
Yeah, cool
That be the end, she can't bend
Tap a hand, tap a friend, comprehend
Red 30, 26, 36
Let's call a audible
That be me, call my D
That be me, that be me
Overseas, blowin' G's
Knowin' we sold out and just about to go recoup
That be me, love unconditionally
That be me making positions
That be me spreading the lick
So all the guys eat too

[Skit: Girl one, Girl two]
Bitch, guess what?
What girl?
That nigga done buy me them motherfuckin' Riri
Stop lyin'
Yes, all the fuckin' Fenti bitch
Man, my lil' ugly ass nigga don't do no shit like that
Yeah, that's 'cause your nigga ain't shit

[Skit two]
Ladies and gentlemen (Ladies and gentlemen)
It's time for The Dice is Right

See, baby, I see you working hard
And your nigga just dropped you off at work in your car
On his way to go apply for some job (Bitch, what?)
Baby, I know you tryna unwind
And your kids just walked in on you with that ass in the air for the fifth damn time (Ooh, mama)
Oh, they just kids, better go check on them (Ooh)
See? Every day got the same old thing
You afraid this might be the end of your chain
Don't you get off track
I got something that could help you 'round the clock
Call 1-800 Grigio

Call now supplies last for a limited time only with your broke ass
Get off your broke ass and get this money, straight up