"Goodbye Yesterday's Heartache" lyrics - SMOKIE

"Goodbye Yesterday's Heartache"

Wel I met her waitin' tables in a coffee shop
One dark and lonely day
Ooh I never would a thought in a million years
That I could fall this way
It's funny how fate can fool ya
Just when you're givin' up
She said how are ya
And the she filled my cup
And it was goodbye, yesterday's heartache
So long, to be born to lose
'Cause now I've found the right way
It's been a hard luck road to a love
Long overdue
Now her face was like an angel
And her legs were long
And when shelooked at me
I knew that somewhere down in my deep blue soul
This was meant to be
I asked her what cha doin later
She said I'm free at five
I picked up the check to pay her
And she said youb better be on time
And it was goodbye, yesterday's heartache...
There right underneath all the texas stars
She took my pain away
And as I held her close in my tremblin' arms
I knew my world had changed
Told her that I was a rambler
She said yes I know
But when I looked in those big brown eyes
Well that was all the wrote
And it was goodbye, yesterday's heartache...