"Looking For You" lyrics - SMOKIE

"Looking For You"

I know you're out there
Somewhere tonight
I know our stars haven't cross yet
But thee's a chance that they might
I'll find you someday
Oh and then we'll begin
Finding ways to make up for the lost time
But girl, until then
I'll go on looking for you
For alove that is true
In my mnd you#re all I see
I'll go on counting the nights
'Til you're part of my life
Instead of only in my dreams
I'll go on lookng for you
'Till I have you here with me
A trail of neon
Lights up the night
Showing me faces of strangers
That just pass on by
I've searched for solong
And still I'm hoping to find
A heart that is beating for my love
But until that time
I'll go on looking for you...