"When The Walls Come Down" lyrics - SMOKIE

"When The Walls Come Down"

I know he hurt you
More than anybody could
I know he told you
More than anybody should
Some guys don't realize
The damage they do
Now I know you#re thinkin'
I'm everybody else
How can I blame you
For lookin' out for yourself
You know how word
Gets around in this town
But when the Walls come down
At the end of the hall
Through these paper walls
I hear the sound
Of your tears fallin' down
Baby I'll be around
When the walls come down
He must caught you
Lonely in your life
He took your kisses
And left you lonely inside
I heard it all
Through the the still of the night
If I could only wear a prefect disguise
I'd be what you want
Be what you need in your life
But I know it's not here
I know it's not now
But when the walls come down
When the Walls come down...
When the walls come down
When the wall come down
When your healing is done
Let me be the one
Where Love is found
I'll be around when the walls come down