"But You're Mine" lyrics - SONNY AND CHER

"But You're Mine"

When people say, you're not my kind
And that your clothes are out of line
And that your hair isn't combed all the time
You're not real pretty but you're mine

We have a great big old society
That won't make room for folks
Like you and me
But I got some real sad news
For them my friend
They're on the outside looking in

We've got a great thing going
And it's gonna keep right on growing
And I hope that soon they'll see the light
But until that time
They'll have to blow their mind
Cos it ain't us that's gonna lose this fight
So when we're walking I don't care
When all those people stop and stare
If they'd look in your eyes they'd see
You're not real pretty but you belong to me

Hey hey hey now
Hey hey hey now
When you're lovin' me baby
And when I hold you baby
(When you kiss you)
I know you love me baby
(When I hold you)
You know I'll never leave you
(When I touch you)
I know I'll always love you
(Every day now)
You know I love you baby
You know I love you baby