"It's The Little Things" lyrics - SONNY AND CHER

"It's The Little Things"

You're not the kind of guy
That make the girls all sigh
And they never turn their heads
And look when you walk by

But baby that's okay I love you anyway
And I never change or rearrange you
So stay that way

Cause it's the little things that mean a lot
It's what you are not what you got
Call my name and I'll come running
Look at me and the clouds start sunning
Hold my hand and you got me going
Kiss my lips and my mind starts going
We got a thing that won't stop cooking
You turn me on just by looking
You can make me strong just by sighing
You can break my heart just by crying

You're not the smartest man that I ever met
And every word you ever said I won't forget
And so I guess that's why until the day I die
When you're bad and make me sad
You're still my guy