"Airplane Blues" lyrics - SONNY TERRY & BROWNIE MCGHEE

"Airplane Blues"

Wanna give you my weapon, wanna give you my weapon
Gonna ride all over, gonna ride all over your town
If I spy the woman I'm lovin', I'm sure gone let my airplane
I'm sure gone let my airplane down

Honey, here's my hand, honey, here's my hand
You can lead me where you want, you can lead me where you want me to go
If you lead me wrong this time, then you won't lead me
Then you won't lead me no more

Honey, you three times seven, honey, you three times seven
And you know what you wanna, and you know what you wanna do
Well, that day you quit me little woman, and I won't be mad
And I won't be mad with you

I know my little woman, I know my little woman
She's bound to jump, she's bound to jump and shout
When she gets hold to this letter, I done wrote my long time
I done wrote my long time lost

Just the day before Christmas, just the day before Christmas
Let me bring your present, let me bring your present tonight
That will be you Santa Claus, even if my whiskers
Even if my whiskers be white