"Artificial Heart" lyrics - SOUL ASYLUM

"Artificial Heart"

It's a second hand story no one wants to hear
And it's wet with blood, salted with tears
It's black and white and red all over, happens all the time
This was something about an artificial heart
She lived in a sleepy town trailer home park
Where not many people go out after dark
Innocent helpless at 17, queen of every loser's wet dream
Which brings us to our villain but a mother could love
He liked amputation and the Lord above
He kidnapped her on her way home from school
She lost her mind, he lost his cool
She didn't tell him about the artificial heart
Then some kid found her head
Then an arm and a leg and you know the rest they said
The artificial heart it was still beating
With a needle and a thread they sewed on her head
She's alive and well like she was never dead
She doesn't remember the day she didn't die
Or how everybody cried
She read a story in the paper how she was victimized
And you should have seen the look in her eyes
Her assailant was acquitted and as she read
I swear she laughed off her head