"Mother Of Dragons" lyrics - SOULFLY

"Mother Of Dragons"
(Igor Cavalera / Max Cavalera / Ritchie Cavalera)

Mater, thunder and lightning.
Halo of light, mother of dragons.
Draco warrior.
They call me "Spitfire"!

A phoenix from the ash, this is my destiny.
My reign is forever, no way you can kill me.
A battle I will wage, the dawn of this new age.
My time has arrived, now feel my rage.

Black wings unfurl the life to my bones.
Dying in smoke, I'm born in the coals.
Scales hard as iron, you'll never pierce my hull.
Run you fucking cowards, pissing as you're burned.

Rise my dragons, rise above it all.
Rise my dragons, rise 'til dawn.

Fly my dragons, into the unknown.
Fly my dragons, take your throne.

Mater Draco!
Mater Draco!
Mater Draco!
(Mother of Dragons)