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"The Song Remains Insane"
(Max Cavalera)

Brasilian national radio broadcast, Brasilia - Brasil - 1994
The singer of the heavy metal band from Minas Gerais,
Sepultura, Max Cavalera will respond for breaking the
"Law of the Penal Contraventions". Last saturday during
Your show in the "Hollywood Rock" in Sao Paulo, he used
A brazilian banner that had the logo of the band.
Max Cavalera was arrested after the concert but denied
He stepped over the Banner. The Police officer Carlos Negreiros
From the 34th police office in Sao Paulo is investigating it.

This world is a chaos, this life is a chaos CHAOS!!!!!!!

Live your life
Not the way they taught you
Do what you feel
Survive the jungle
Give me blood
Give me Pain
These scars won't heal

Can you take it
Can you take it
Can you take it

What were you thinking
What a wonderful world
You're full of shit
Leave it behind
They don't care if you cry
All is left is pain

I won't take it
I won't take it
I won't take it

The song remains insane
I remain insane

Chico Science talking about a folktale from northern Brasil
Called "A Perna Cabiluda" (The Hairy Leg)