"Baptize" lyrics - SPILLAGE VILLAGE

(Justin Bryant / Ant Clemons / Olu Fann / Eian Parker / Destin Route / John Welch)
feat. Ant Clemons

[Intro: Johnny Venus]
Woah, woah, woah, woah-woah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Barack Obama lookin' at me
What's up? What's up?

[Verse 1: Johnny Venus]
I'm hirin' hands (Woo), inspirin' fans
I'm givin' out jobs, I'm sketching up plans
Police, they beat me, we storm the same streets
We storm the same block, won't stop 'til we free
Ain't think it was possible, 'til we accomplished it
Now we accomplices, now we all poppin' shit
I'm gettin' money, the kids gettin' money
I'm droppin' racks and racks (And racks and racks) in church on a Sunday
I get it back to back, go to work on a Monday
White on white tracksuit, 'cause you know who run it
We was hungover, South Beach was too sunny (Yeah)
We out in Joburg, no sleep 'cause we clubbin'
Catch me out in Europe with my black skin
Fightin' for freedom, my nigga, ain't no more askin'
Judge ain't never forget him for when he was trappin' (No, no, no, no)
And that pussy wet like a dolphin
Baby, I'm a king, I'm a god, a thug
My verses will live if I die from slugs
That shit is power, man, that shit is love
No, you cannot buy that from no fuckin' plug

[Chorus: Johnny Venus & JID]
I'ma baptize niggas, let's get baptized
I'ma baptize niggas, let's get baptized
'Bout to baptize niggas, let's get baptized (Yeah, uh)
I'ma baptize niggas, let's get baptized

[Verse 2: JID]
Look, she said it's cold inside that water, made her nipples hard
That's that liquor talkin', sippin' Gin and readin' the book of Genesis
Just before in the beginnin' and shit, pride lies, deceit
Blah-blah, sinnin' and shit, Adam and Eve dumb ass, apple-
Eatin' thumb-ass
Hit the gas and hit the gas
At the Saks Fifth, with a religious sack to grab gifts
How you get money and act as if poverty's past tense?
We see bad shit happens, but what happens to bad shit?
You need your ass whipped
Friendship, missionary, Beulah Hill Baptist
Norfolk County doin' peyotes from a cactus (Yeah)
Alabaster flows, out in Cali with some Calabasas hoes
Hella bad, put your ass up on my nose
With a sack of bud, I'm just a sack of bones
Sacrificial Lamborghini, do the dash up on the road
Throw a stone like David, I got that Tom Brady arm
And a navy gun, case the joint
Case and point the pistol at yo' neighbor
Look at yo' neighbor and say "Neighbor," uh
Stack up all yo' paper, uh
Pray for me, I say a prayer for you, be not forsaken, uh
Jump in a lake, uh, let the water run over yo' face
We baptize people, now they breathtakin'
Nigga, wait, I'm 'bout to

[Chorus: Johnny Venus & Doctur Dot]
Baptize niggas, let's get baptized
I'ma baptize niggas, let's get baptized
'Bout to baptize niggas, let's get baptized
I'ma baptize niggas, let's get
I dare one of you punk motherfuckas (Uh-uh)

[Verse 3: Doctur Dot]
Made in his image (Okay) I even work in mysterious ways
See, I've been over my lyrical phase, I rather be potent
Burnin' that bush like Moses, hood on my back like Cobras
Eat the forbidden fruit, girl, it's a lot more I can show ya
Kickin' that simple shit like Yoda, let y'all think it over
Fresh out the fire, Abednego, officer pull you over (Ooh)
Killin' a nigga in cold blood, get him a Christmas bonus
Wasn't until it went digital that you finally start takin' notice
Now you wanna be delivered, huh? Guess who pullin' up to dinner, huh?
Got me center-court like a Tyson punch for a million bucks
Is it worth what you really givin' up?
Got my heart broke by a Taurus
Went and found a Gemini with a bigger butt
And only God can judge, and that's only if He still give a fuck
Water to wine, it started out fine but now it taste a little bitter, huh?
Lotta these guys just live in disguise, I'm shinin' the light, the jig is up
Everybody know Jesus hang with the hoes, killers and the criminals
Gon 'head, tilt your head back, hold your breath for the ritual

[Bridge: Ant Clemons]
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh
Oh Lord, oh Lord

[Outro: Ant Clemons]
Water, please fall down on me, me, me (Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh)
Water, please fall down on me, me, me, me
Fall down on me
In the name of the fire, the water, the skies, and the earth
Thou shall live or die, thou shall bless or curse
Go forth into forever
Down, down
Hey Hallelujah, hey Hallelujah
Praise the Lord